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Mar de Santiago

Portada » We relate 4 experiences that you can only enjoy in Mar de Santiago

We relate 4 experiences that you can only enjoy in Mar de Santiago

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Mar de Santiago is made up of four municipalities where you can discover unique landscapes and stories that you won’t find anywhere else. Taking advantage of the fact that the December long weekend is just around the corner, we want to share with you 4 experiences that you can only enjoy in Mar de Santiago. Discover why this Galician geo-destination offers unique experiences!

Discover the life of shellfish gathering in Vilanova de Arousa

Vilanova de Arousa, on the coast  of Mar de Santiago, offers an immersive experience in the life of shellfish gathering on foot, a traditional activity and very relevant for Galicia given the number of people involved, who are mostly women.

This work requires specific knowledge that was handed down from generation to generation and, in our geo-destination, specifically in Vilanova de Arousa, it is a very typical image that you will be able to see as you pass through the territory.

In addition, such is the importance of this work in our destination, that in September, during the opening of the “Ecolóxicos a Mares” initiative, the Mar de Santiago ferry terminal was the first to install an ecological shellfish platform sign in Galicia. In other words, in order to obtain food, the environment must be respected, taking into account animal welfare and the maintenance and improvement of the seas, rivers and soil.

See the only double-bladed mill in Catoira

Catoira, in the province of Pontevedra, is home to an architectural treasure that is unique in all of Europe: the Abalo windmills. What makes this set of constructions extraordinary is its double system of blades, a distinctive feature that differentiates them from those of the rest of the continent.

At the top of Pedras Miúdas, on the cliff of the lagoon and on Monte Mesón de Abalo, you will find these two sets of windmills with excellent views over the Arousa estuary and the mouth of the Ulla. These constructions from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, bidirectional with a circular floor plan and fixed tower, are one of a kind in Galicia. Will you come and discover them?

Get to know the Roman Bridge of Pontecesures up close

In Pontecesures,  a small town on the banks of the Ulla River, its Roman bridge awaits you. This has been an essential element in the history and economy of the area since its origin, since we are at an important crossroads that, even today, links the lands of Pontevedra and A Coruña.

As a fact, you should also know that, although in its current state it retains twelve arches, at the time of its construction, the Ulla River covered a much larger area, so the bridge was wider than what we see today.

In addition, the name of this bridge is closely related to the origin of the toponym Pontecesures, something that makes it very special. Cross this ancient monument in our geo-destination!

Visit the artisanal Nativity Scene of Valga

Belén de Valga 2022

With Christmas looming, Valga is already putting the finishing touches to its traditional and well-known artisanal Nativity Scene. This carefully crafted Christmas show reflects a summary of 2023 in the form of different pieces. This year you can’t miss this unique Nativity Scene in all Galicia. Have fun watching it!

In Mar de Santiago you can live authentic experiences that will immerse you in the cultural, historical, and festive richness of this enchanting geo-destination. Come and discover for yourself what makes these four experiences truly unique and take the opportunity to get to know in depth the 4 municipalities that make up Mar de Santiago.

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