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Mar de Santiago

Portada » Mar de Santiago will be the starting point of the Quetzal Route

Mar de Santiago will be the starting point of the Quetzal Route

On May 15, the director of Tourism of Galicia, Xosé Merelles, participated in the presentation of the new Quetzal Route. This 31st edition of the expedition will bring together, starting in June, more than 200 young people from different parts of Spain. Participants, along the route, will get to know the culture of the destinations they visit by means of their most important events and figures.

The Quetzal Route will run through Mar de Santiago

The route, which will start in Vilanova de Arousa, will also cover the other three destinations of Mar de Santiago: Catoira, Valga and Pontecesures.

It is no coincidence that the Queztal Route begins in this geo-destination, since it is based on the original route, which Athanasius and Theodore, disciples of the Apostle James, followed to return his body to Galicia.

In addition, June 30 will be the inauguration of the Quetzal Route. The reason is that this date is the first centenary of the publication of “Luces de Bohemia,” the most important work of the playwright, poet and novelist Ramón María del Valle-Inclán,  born in Vilanova de Arousa.

Discovering the charms of Mar de Santiago

The Quetzal Route seeks toarouse interest in discovering Mar de Santiago, along with other destinations, among young people. The itinerary is designed, by sailing along the Ulla River, to get to know Catoira‘s outstanding Torres de Oeste (West Towers); and in the case of Valga, its natural spaces, the water wheels of Parafita and Raxoi and the Mina Mercedes Lagoon. Its last stop, in Mar de Santiago, will be Pontecesures, where it will visit the Roman bridge and its beautiful surroundings centred on the Ulla River.

For Mar de Santiago it is a pleasure to welcome the Quetzal Route back to our geo-destination!

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