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Mar de Santiago

Portada » Discover exciting hiking trails in the municipalities of Mar de Santiago

Discover exciting hiking trails in the municipalities of Mar de Santiago

Mar de Santiago, known for being the maritime-fluvial route that gave rise to the Camino, also offers fascinating options for nature lovers on dry land. In the municipalities of Pontecesures, Valga, Catoira, and Vilanova de Arousa you will find a variety of trails that will allow you to discover the beauty of our geo-destination. Are you ready to check out our favourites?

Explore the region of Ullán in Pontecesures

One of the most outstanding hiking trails in the Pontecesures area  is “Ollando o Ullán”, which has a total length of 17.5 kilometres and a medium level of difficulty. This path takes you through the most spectacular mountains in the area, offering you impressive views of the Ulla valley and the route that the river follows throughout the municipality and its surroundings.

One of the most recognizable elements of the landscape of this trail is the emblematic Roman Bridge of Pontecesures, dating back to the first century, and which is surrounded by marshes and lush vegetation.

Natural and refreshing beauty in Valga

Valga will surprise you with its extensive natural and cultural heritage. Explore the vicinity of the Fervenzas de Raxoi and Parafita, where the Louro and Valga rivers form impressive waterfalls surrounded by lush forests.

The route to the waterfalls is less than 2 kilometres long, so if you just want to get closer to discover this landscape, it will be enough to do this short walk. However, this is only the beginning of a route of approximately 11 kilometres. Follow the wooden walkways and admire the beauty of an unparalleled setting!

River Walk of the Ulla River in Catoira: a unique experience

The Ulla River Walk is one of the jewels of Catoira. This circular route takes you from the marshes to the mouth of the river in the Arousa estuary, passing historic waterwheels such as El Molino de Machón or those of Abalo and the iconic Torres de Oeste fort.

This route of almost 9 kilometres features the As Telleiras pedestrian trail, a completely flat route with several wooden walkways that allow you to border the Ulla River and admire the natural beauty of this municipality.

Hiking with panoramic views in Vilanova de Arousa

The route that takes you from the viewpoints of Monte Lobeira to Faro das Lúas features spectacular views of the Arousa estuary. Departing from the parish church of András, this hike takes you along forest tracks where you can enjoy a pleasant walk while contemplating the stunning landscapes of the Vilanova de Arousa area.

As a recommendation, we advise you to leave this route for the late afternoon in order to contemplate a beautiful sunset from the top.

In Mar de Santiago, beauty awaits you on every trail. Plan your day now to enjoy an active tourism getaway in our geo-destination and save our favourite options. Don’t wait any longer to discover the beauty spots of Galicia this spring!

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