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Mar de Santiago

Portada » Route through Mar de Santiago during your Easter holidays

Route through Mar de Santiago during your Easter holidays

Easter is the perfect time to explore the charming towns that make up the Mar de Santiago geo-destination. From Vilanova de Arousa to Pontecesures, passing through Catoira and Valga, each place offers a wide variety of activities. Today, we reveal our four favourite options for this Easter. Join us on this exciting route full of culture, gastronomy, and nature!

Vilanova de Arousa and its unique views

Start your trip in Vilanova de Arousa, the coastal town of Mar de Santiago. During Easter, we recommend visiting the Mirador da Cruz de Lobeira, located about 290 meters above sea level. If the day is clear, you will have a spectacular panoramic view of the Arousa estuary, the island of Ons, the isthmus of O Grove, and even the Barbanza mountain range, and the Salnés valley.

From that same point, at the top you can see a monument to the victims of the sea in the shape of a large cross with a British Admiralty plaque. It commemorates the sailors killed in the sinking of the training ship “Serpent.” Had you heard about it?

Valga, history and nature

Continue your route to Valga, where history and nature combine to offer you a unique experience. From visiting the Valga History Museum to strolling along the Vilarello River Beach, a site of great environmental value.

This corner of the municipality of our geo-destination has a cafeteria, barbecue area, tables and benches, a children’s playground, motorhome area… This makes it a perfect place to visit with family or friends, taking the opportunity to walk around the area and enjoying a meal in the countryside.

Discover the islet of Catoira

Known as Illa do Rato or Ínsua dos Ratos, this Easter in Catoira you will be able to see up close a small rocky islet on the Ulla River. It is located in front of the Catoira Marshes and very close to its bridge and the old fortifications of the area, called the “Torres del Oeste” (West Towers).

In the 1960s, on one of the rocks of this islet, a cross was erected that is part of the Via Crucis that commemorates the arrival of the body of the Apostle Santiago, a route made up of seventeen crosses dotted around the Ría de Arousa.

Pontecesures, that will spice up your holidays

Finish your route in Pontecesures, a charming village crossed by the Ulla River and known for its Roman Bridge. When passing through this municipality, remember that Easter coincides with the season of the lamprey, the most prized fish of the Ulla River and that, in Pontecesures is of special importance.

In this town of Mar de Santiago you will find the Casa da Lamprey, a space that has a variety of informative resources that makes it an attractive interpretation centre. Take the opportunity to accompany your route with a gastronomic experience in the local restaurants!

 Holy Week in Mar de Santiago is a unique opportunity to discover the cultural, gastronomic, and natural richness of this area of Galicia. Plan now your route to explore these wonderful towns during the Easter holidays. Each municipality will offer you a unique experience!

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