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Mar de Santiago

Portada » 4 different plans to do in Mar de Santiago on rainy days

4 different plans to do in Mar de Santiago on rainy days

Mar de Santiago is much more than a river maritime route, it is a destination in itself that can adapt to all needs, tastes and conditions. Therefore, even if it rains, shines or shines, you are heading towards the best proposals for you. Stay to discover 4 different plans to do in Mar de Santiago on rainy days!

Valga History Museum

Rain is always a possibility in Galicia, but in Valga you will find a perfect option. The Valga History Museum divulges the natural heritage and history of the town hall, which makes it the ideal place to learn more about this municipality of Mar de Santiago.

In addition, the main building also contains exhibitions on the life and work of Ferro Couselo and La Bella Otero. As if that were not enough, an annex to this building recreates what the traditional Galician home was like a century ago.

Casa da Lamprea in the Plaza de Abastos in Pontecesures

Lamprey is one of the many iconic gastronomic products of the Mar de Santiago area but especially of the municipality of Pontecesures. For this reason, in addition to celebrating the Lamprey festival, this town hall has decided to include the Lamprey House in the Plaza de Abastos, a place with informative material such as panels, screens or photographs about this curious fish so characteristic of the Ulla.

The Torres de Oeste Cultural Activation Center

If you are passionate about Viking stories and especially the Viking Pilgrimage, the Torres de Oeste de Catoira Culture Activation Center is perfect for you on rainy days.

In this municipality of Mar de Santiago there is a modern building, the work of César Portela, which houses a large exhibition hall with this theme, including replicas of boats.

House Museum of the Camba Brothers

Closer to the coast, there is the House Museum of the Camba Brothers, in Vilanova de Arousa. The birthplace of these two brothers, who stood out in the world of letters and journalism, contains several of their books, pamphlets, newspapers and manuscripts that bring us closer to their legacy.

There is no excuse, Mar de Santiago is a perfect alternative for rainy days. This route offers you plans for all tastes, from more cultural offers, such as a visit to the Valga History Museum, the Torres de Oeste de Catoira Cultural Activation Center or the Camba Brothers House Museum in Vilanova de Arousa; to plans more linked to tradition, such as the Casa da Lamprea in Pontecesures. Plan your next getaway now!

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