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Mar de Santiago

Portada » Mar de Santiago reveals its Camino to the Origin at Fitur

Mar de Santiago reveals its Camino to the Origin at Fitur


The International Tourism Fair (Fitur)International Tourism Fair (Fitur) held in Madrid was the perfect place to present Mar de Santiago’s new tourist product. The destination wants pilgrims and visitors to discover the Camino to the Origin, based on the Traslatioroute. Circular tourist buses around the region, increased frequencies of boat departures to sail along the world’s only maritime-river Way of the Cross, and its own credential –the Mar de Santiago shell– are some of the main features of this year’s initiatives.


In addition to the presentation itself of this new tourist product, representatives of the municipalities of  Vilanova de Arousa, Catoira, Valga and Pontecesures took advantage of the occasion to promote the region internationally. Among other initiatives, it is worth highlighting the Mar de Santiago delegation’s participation in a presentation at the Russian Embassy. During the event, the musician (and the destination’s ambassador) Roi Casal delighted those in attendance with his harp performance.

Twinning with Mexico

Mar de Santiago was also featured in the presentation of the Mexican regions of Chihuahua and Oaxaca. This encounter led to the signing of an agreement of intent with the municipality of Madera and with Oaxaca, to carry out joint activities and set in motion the twinning of these regions on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The Camino and the pilgrimages to Santiago are another two points in common regarding this transborder alliance.

Report on Mar de Santiago for Latin America

The alliances with these Mexican regions led the producer Karen Santamaría to visit  Mar de Santiago this week. An experience that has enabled her to discover the Camino to the Origin of the pilgrimages by travelling along the “Traslatio” route. In addition, the Mexican professional has also had a chance to discover points of interest in each of the four municipal districts that make up this region:

All of this supplemented by a fascinating boat trip up the Ulla River, discovering the world’s only maritime-river Way of the Cross. Karen Santamaría declared that she was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the scenery, as well by all the culture and history enveloping Mar de Santiago. Her discoveries and feelings will be portrayed in a report to be shown on television for all Latin America, as well as on Spanish Television’s “La 2” channel.

Attracting pilgrims for the Camino to the Origin

Another aspect of the Mar de Santiago delegation’s work at Fitur was attracting illustrious pilgrims to come and get acquainted with the Camino to the Origin, including the mayor of Madrid,  José Luis Martínez Almeida, and the president of the Madrid Region, Isabel Ayuso.

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