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Mar de Santiago

Portada » 4 surprising things on your Way along Mar de Santiago’s Traslatio route

4 surprising things on your Way along Mar de Santiago’s Traslatio route


Something that you shouldn’t miss as part of the Way and your pilgrimage to Santiago, especially during this second Holy Year, is sailing towards the Origin of the Pilgrimages. Mar de Santiago features the perfect destination, in order to trace the steps of the Apostle’s remains on the way to Compostela. In this post, we’ll show you 4 things that will surprise you during your sail through this region’s municipal districts, discovering the Traslatio.

In order to enjoy this sail, please see the times and ticket prices of the three shipping companies that operate this route. The journey usually takes about an hour and a half and the ticket costs around 20 euros. Our website provides all the necessary details and contact information regarding the companies that provide this service.

1) The world’s only sea-river Way of the Cross

The Way to the Origin in Mar de Santiago gives you the chance to sail along the world’s only sea-river Way of the Cross. You can choose from two possible itineraries: from Vilanova de Arousa -from the Mar de Santiago dock- to Pontecesures -from its river port-, via Catoira and Valga, or vice versa. Both routes will enable you to discover 12 of the 17 riverside “cruceiros” (stone crosses) that commemorate the itinerary followed by the Apostle’s remains through this region.


2) The work on mussel platforms

When arriving in or departing from Vilanova de Arousa, you can discover the mussel industry. From the boat, you’ll be able to see the work that is carried out on mussel batters, accompanied by explanations regarding how this characteristic and delicious bivalve is cultivated.


3) A journey back to the time of the Vikings

A must-visit along the Traslatio route is the fort called “Torres de Oeste,” in Catoira. This is the perfect setting for the Viking Festival that is held every year in the first weekend in August.

These historic remains take visitors back to the time of the Viking invasions. This place was a strategic point for accessing Santiago and it was here that the Normans were defeated. This landmark event is commemorated during this Festival of International Tourist Interest.

4) Scenery of matchless beauty

And to round things off, sailing to the Origin in Mar de Santiago features landscapes of extraordinary beauty and importance. During your sail along the Traslatio route, you’ll discover part of the Atlantic Isles National Park (when departing from or returning to Vilanova de Arousa). Natural surroundings featuring views from the Ulla River as it flows through Catoira, Valga and Pontecesures, linking up with sites included in the Natura 2000 Network.

Moreover, you can also stop at landmarks such as the Vilarello river beach, in Valga, where you can relax and enjoy views of the river.


Do you need any more reasons for sailing to the Origin along the Traslatio route in Mar de Santiago? We’re waiting for you!

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