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Mar de Santiago

Mussel batters

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36620 Vilanova de Arousa, Pontevedra

GPS coordinates

Longitude: 42.496458420162966

Latitude: -8.909046446755632

Vilanova’s economy, like that of the surroundings in general, has long centred on fishing. Starting in the 16th c., this was the main supplier of fish for Castile. This abundance of natural resources led to the establishment of a booming canning industry from the 18th c. onwards.

An important part of the municipality’s economy is still linked to fishing and especially to shellfish, above all the cultivation of mussels, which involves hundreds of platforms that can be seen all along the coast. It is therefore not surprising that this fishing town is considered one of Galicia’s main production areas of this bivalve, which also has its own Protected Designation of Origin: “Mexillón de Galicia.”


Vilanova de Arousa

Luces de Bohemia, s/n • 36620 • Vilanova de Arousa (Pontevedra)