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Mar de Santiago

Portada » Enjoy Mar de Santiago as a family

Enjoy Mar de Santiago as a family

Weekends, holiday weekends and public holidays, or even the odd afternoon, are ideal moments for spending as a family. At Mar de Santiago, we would like to give you some ideas to enjoy our region with the young ones of the house.

First of all, if you are among those who love being outdoors, in the municipal districts of Pontecesures, Valga, Catoira and Vilanova de Arousa, you’ll find numerous nature sites with recreational areas, where your enjoy a relaxing stroll that is suitable for children. Recreational areas such as Vilarello river beach, in Valga, give you a chance to spend a pleasant afternoon or day as a family. An itinerary that can be combined, if you feel like walking a little further, with the trekking routes of Muíños de Parafita e Raxoi (waterwheels) in order to round off an ideal day.

And, if you like the beach, you can also enjoy the views from the foot of the beach in Vilanova de Arousa. In both As Sinas and O Terrón, you’ll find trails that are easy to follow. Perfect for an autumn afternoon when you want to do something different. 

Children’s playgrounds

If you prefer that your children enjoy themselves playing, we recommend the different children’s playgrounds that you’ll find in the region of Mar de Santiago. As an example, near the river port of Pontecesures, right beside the Mercado de Abastos (food market) and the Casa da Lamprea (Lamprey House), there’s a recently opened children’s playground that your kids will love. Made entirely of wood, it features a chute, swings, ropes, and a play area where you can enjoy an afternoon of fun after sailing along the Mar de Santiago sea-river route.

You’ll find especially curious one of the children’s playgrounds in Vilanova de Arousa. Located very close to the town centre, in the garden called Xardín Umbrío, it features a grove where boys and girls can enjoy playing among huts of different colours. They’ll even have the possibility of getting on a bus that recalls London’s iconic double-deckers, where they can enjoy an amusing trip using their imagination at the steering wheel.

Discovering history and culture

On the other hand, if you like something more cultural, don’t miss a tour of the fort called Torres de Oeste, in Catoira. Moored at the jetty just beside the towers, you can see the longboat that is used every year in the Viking Festival, declared to be of International Tourist Interest -if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get a close-up view of the genuine pirate ship used by the Normans. And to dig deeper into the history of the area, you can visit the refurbished Torres de Oeste Cultural Activation Centre (CACTO). In addition to the items on display, you’ll be surprised by the audio-visual room in the basement, which will immerse you in the recreation of the Viking invasions.

Go for a sail

Finally, if you’d like to discover the region of Mar de Santiago from a different perspective, don’t miss booking a sail. From either Pontecesures or Vilanova de Arousa,you can sail towards the Origin of the Camino with any of the three sailing companies operating in our area.

During your trip, you’ll discover the world’s only sea-river Way of the Cross, a characteristic feature of Mar de Santiago. An experience that is suitable for all ages, and which gives you an alternative option to add to your family’s leisure plans.

With all these possibilities, who can resist making plans with the kids in our region? We’re waiting for in Mar de Santiago!

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