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Portada » La Belle Otero, life and legend in Valga

La Belle Otero, life and legend in Valga

In the municipality of Valga, located in the province of Pontevedra, a woman was born who captivated European society in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Known as La Belle Otero, Agustina Carolina Otero left an indelible mark on history and, taking advantage of the fact that Women’s Day is approaching, in our post today we want to remember her iconic figure. Stay and discover her history!

The story of the first international Spanish artist

Agustina Carolina Otero was born in 1868 into a modest family in Valga, one of the municipalities that make up Mar de Santiago. A few months after being the victim of a sexual assault by a neighbour, La Belle Otero left her village never to return, and it is from here that her legend begins.

From a young age, La Belle Otero showed an exceptional talent for dancing and singing, which led her to travel around Europe in search of opportunities in show business. She first went to Lisbon, where she began dancing and even prostitution. Later she travelled to Barcelona, Marseille, and Paris, where she triumphed as a dancer.

In a very short time her fame swept through Europe, with La Belle Otero conquering the stages of the continent as a dancer and singer, capturing the attention of high society. She began to rub shoulders with some of the most powerful men of the time, and many of whom were her lovers and protectors. Her lavish lifestyle made her an icon of the Belle Époque and the First Spanish artist known internationally.

The legacy of La Belle Otero in Valga

Despite her humble origins, La Belle Otero managed to reach the pinnacle of success and fame at a time when opportunities for women were limited. La Belle Otero is one of the most renowned figures in Valga, and today the municipality remembers her character with pride.

Thus, in this municipality, in the Dios Mosquera Park, there is a statue in honour of this iconic figure of Mar de Santiago. And, in addition, in the Museum of the History of Valga you can learn more details about her importance and life story, since it exhibits memorabilia and materials related to her life and career.

La Belle Otero has inspired numerous literary works, films, and plays, keeping her legend alive to this day. Her story is now a reminder of a woman’s extraordinary ability to defy expectations, making her a great symbol of women’s power. Find out more about her history when you visit Mar de Santiago!

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