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Mar de Santiago

Portada » More than a hundred of Pontecesures’s residents go on the Traslatio trip through Mar de Santiago

More than a hundred of Pontecesures’s residents go on the Traslatio trip through Mar de Santiago

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More than a hundred of Pontecesuresresidents have participated in a trip through Mar de Santiago. This full day enabled them to discover the Traslatio route between Pontecesures’ river port and the Mar de Santiago ferry station at Vilanova, sailing up the Ulla River featuring the scenery of Valga and Catoira, while discovering the world’s only sea-river way of the cross, with different “cruceiros” (stone crosses) dotting the way.

The more than 120 participants gathered at Pontecesures’ river port, where they boarded a boat to follow in the Apostle’s footsteps between this locality and Vilanova de Arousa, sailing along the waters of this geo-destination. During the trip, they were able to discover the striking scenery bordering the Ulla River, included in the Natura 2000 Network. They enjoyed a brief stopover in the municipal district of Valga, facing the Vilarello river beach, an important landmark for pilgrims and visitors.

Throughout the Traslatio route, they enjoyed listening to explanations about the importance of the natural surroundings, as well as details about the region’s historical and cultural development. The latter was explained during a stopover facing the Torres de Oeste fort in Catoira. In addition to learning about this site’s importance during the time of the Norman invasions, they were to contemplate a different perspective of this historical ensemble. They likewise discovered the beauty of the singular River Ulla estuary while travelling through this municipal district.

On entering the Ría de Arousa, the trip’s participants were given the opportunity to learn more about the work carried out on the mussel platforms. The guides explained how the famous mussels sold under the “Mexillón de Galician” (Galician Mussels) Designation of Origin are cultivated and extracted.

After reaching the Mar de Santiago ferry station, the large group visited the capital of Vilanova de Arousa. After strolling along the promenade and visiting the sculptural ensemble in honour of Valle-Inclán, the group continued on to the writer’s house-museum, thereafter discovering the house-museum of the Camba brothers. They thereby learned more about this renowned writer and two outstanding journalists that were born in this municipal district.

In general, the trip’s participants were highly satisfied by the excursion. They were pleasantly surprised at all the natural, heritage, and historical gems to be found in the Mar de Santiago region.

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