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Mar de Santiago

Portada » Enjoy a bird’s eye view of Mar de Santiago

Enjoy a bird’s eye view of Mar de Santiago

Have you heard someone say that it’s important to put things into perspective? Well, at Mar de Santiago we propose the perfect plan for applying this philosophy of life… We suggest a tour of our region’s viewpoints that, undoubtedly, will help you to get a bird’s eye view of its four municipalities (Vilanova de Arousa, Catoira,Valga and Pontecesures). Would you like to discover them? Continue reading and we’ll tell you all about it!

The majestic confluence of the Ulla and the Sar

We begin our tour in Pontecesures. In the very centre of the municipal capital, right beside the school, you’ll discover the Pino Manso viewpoint. It is called after a beautiful “pino manso” (stone pine) that dominates this space. From here you can go up to the balcony and contemplate a large part of the municipal district, as well as the Ulla River flowing through it.

Leaving the town centre and heading south, we recommend stopping at the viewpoint called Mirador do Galiñeiro. From here you can delight your eyes with the beautiful scenery featuring the Ulla River and its tributary, the Sar River, forming a beautiful perspective among the green mountains. A wonderful space where you can enjoy a small picnic surrounded by chestnut trees, thanks to its stone tables and benches.

The Ulla River is also the main feature of the Vilarello area, in the municipal district of Valga. From here you can discover the views of this river course as it flows through the area. One of the best places for enjoying them, and relaxing with the gentle sound of water, is the “cruceiro” (stone cross) that is located at the foot of the river. This is one of the 17 that make up the Mar de Santiago sea-river Way of the Cross, which is one of its main attractions.

The importance of windmills

To get another perspective, you can travel through this same municipal district as far as the Beiro viewpoint. In addition to views of the Serra do Barbanza mountains, and the hills of Oleirón, Meda and Xesteiras, which you can enjoy among the treetops, this pace is especially striking due to its two-arm windmill. This structure dominating the area is a symbol of the importance of this type of construction in the municipality of Valga’s economy throughout its history.

Windmills are also the main feature of one of Catoira’s most iconic viewpoints. Located at the top of the Pedras Muídas cliff and on Monte Mesón de Abalo, it features impressive panoramic views of the Ría de Arousa coastline and the mouth of the Ulla River. A perspective that is supplemented by the views at the foot of the river, which you can discover in the surroundings of the Torres de Oeste fort. In this case, you can enjoy, as in the case of Valga, the river flowing through the area. As you stroll along the riverbank, you’ll be surprised by the small island called Illa de Castrivello, located opposite the Catoira marshes. You’ll discover its peculiar stone cross, which forms part of the sea-river Way of the Cross; if you want a close-up view, you’ll have to go in boat.

Panoramic views of the coast

We conclude our tour around the viewpoints of the Mar de Santiago region with two of Vilanova de Arousa’s most iconic viewpoints. They are both located on Monte Lobeira, but at different heights. This means that lovers of trekking have the opportunity to walk between both points and compare their views, while enjoying a pleasant route surrounded by nature.

The most singular one, due to the sculpture dominating it, is the Faro das Lúas viewpoint. In it you’ll come across a singular construction formed by a kind of stone tower, crowned by a metallic sculpture representing the different phases of the moon. This impressive sculpture was created so that when the sun shines on the metallic part, its reflection is visible from many kilometres away. When you reach this place, you’ll enjoy a panoramic view of the Ría de Arousa coast, as well as part of the O Salnés region. This viewpoint features a special area with stone tables and benches, in case you want to sit down to eat something after a long walk, or enjoy a small picnic.

If we continue going up towards the top of this hill, we’ll come to the viewpoint called Mirador da Cruz de Lobeira. From here, at a height of around 290 metres above sea level, you can contemplate spectacular panoramic views of the Ría de Arousa coast, the isle of Ons, the isthmus of O Grove, and even the Serra do Barbanza mountains and Val do Salnés region. At the top of this viewpoint, you’ll come across a large cross and a British Admiralty plaque in memory of the sailors that died when the “Serpent” training ship sank.

History, culture, striking views… What more can you ask for in order to see things from a different perspective? Discover it in Mar de Santiago!

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