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Mar de Santiago

Portada » The Camino de Santiago’s first carsharing service comes to Mar de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago’s first carsharing service comes to Mar de Santiago

Photo: Diario de Arousa

From now on, pilgrims doing the Camino de Santiago can enjoy a carsharing service to facilitate their trip as well as enjoy sightseeing in the surroundings. This initiative has been set in motion in our region, specifically in the locality of Vilanova de Arousa, where the Town Council will also make this service available to residents and companies, even offering special rates for the underprivileged.


The vehicle chosen for this initiative is the Dacia Spring, which is once again democratising electric mobility in Spain. The service will be managed by means of Mobilize Share using a 100% digital app.

Vilanova de Arousa, DACIA, and MOBILIZE SHARE started, a few days ago, the first non-urban carsharing service of the Camino de Santiago in an event that took place in Vilanova with the presence of Gonzalo Durán, the town’s Mayor; María Nava Castro, Pontevedra Provincial Council’s Tourism Director; Javier Touris, a Galician MP for Acción Comunitaria; Filippo Rivanera, Chief Operating Officer of Mobilize Beyond Automotive Iberia; José Luis Alemán, Business Manager Dacia, and José Luis Sánchez, manager of the Caetano Fórmula dealership.


This initiative favours the needs of sustainable mobility in one of the Camino de Santiago’s alternative routes, between the Cistercian monasteries of Armenteira and Calogo. The two Dacia Spring vehicles that will provide this service can also be used by Vilanova de Arousa’s residents and companies, thereby favouring the area’s business fabric.

The carsharing service is possible thanks to Mobilize Share by means of an easy-to-use app that the service’s users have to download called “MOBILIZE SHARE,” thereby opening the doors to this mobility service. It is a low-cost service since the vehicles can be rented on an hourly basis; is also sustainable since the vehicles are 100% electric; and even inclusive, since the Town Council will create special social rates for underprivileged groups or those with specific needs, such as new businesses, youths, or the elderly.

The two Dacia Spring vehicles simplify mobility and cover the users’ essential needs (navigation, air conditioning, electric windows, smartphone replication, etc.). Likewise, the Dacia Spring is the ideal vehicle for the Camino de Santiago since it is environmentally friendly with 0 emissions and good mileage. For all these reasons, it was voted “Best electric vehicle 2022” by Green NCAP, an independent initiative that promotes the development of efficient, clean, and environmentally friendly vehicles.

So now you know, you can enjoy this new service in Vilanova de Arousa. We look forward to seeing you in Mar de Santiago!

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