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Mar de Santiago

Mussel and Cockle Festival

  • Barco mejillones

36620 Vilanova de Arousa, Pontevedra

GPS coordinates

Longitude: 42.563064780417946

Latitude: -8.827320872764444

Starting in 1994, during the first weekend in August, Vilanova’s residents as well as thousands of visitors and tourists gather to enjoy two star products, mussels and cockles, which are served in numerous ways and dishes. They both form the basis of the local industry and a large part of its history related to canning factories, which explains their popularity and the participation of the local population, who explain their work and local gastronomy to all visitors.
The festival features musical performances, a Viking landing, a second-hand market, etc, thereby forming a complete programme of activities to be enjoyed throughout the weekend.
This event has been declared a Galician Tourist Festival.


Vilanova de Arousa

Luces de Bohemia, s/n • 36620 • Vilanova de Arousa (Pontevedra)