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Mar de Santiago

Portada » The Quetzal Routes ends its 2023 expedition in Mar de Santiago, leaving behind “a legacy of friendship and discoveries”

The Quetzal Routes ends its 2023 expedition in Mar de Santiago, leaving behind “a legacy of friendship and discoveries”


The Quetzal Route ended its 2023 expedition in Mar de Santiago with a last day together in which the participants’ satisfaction and friendship were clearly evident. Gathered at the sports hall in Vilanova de Arousa, the more than 200 participants from all over Spain recalled their experiences during the first fortnight in July. A unique experience that will leave them with “a legacy of friendship and discoveries,” in the words of a member of the expedition in a beautiful poem written about the Quetzal Route.


With its start and finish in our geo-destination, the youths followed in the Apostle’s footsteps as they experienced for themselves the legend of the Traslatio journey. On board a catamaran, they sailed along the River Ulla to discover the world’s only sea-river Way of the Cross and explore the natural, architectural, and cultural gems to be found in the region made up of Pontecesures, Valga, Catoira, and Vilanova de Arousa.

The Quetzal Route’s itinerary through Mar de Santiago included a literary tour of Vilanova de Arousa, with a visit to the Valle-Inclán House-Museum. They combined this activity with others featuring one of the area’s most popular delicacies: mussels. In addition to learning how they are cultivated on mussel platforms, they visited a canning factory in Vilanova to see how the molluscs are canned.


In relation to Valga, they were able to enjoy the scenery surrounding the meandering River Ulla that flows through this locality, as well as other nature sites such as Mina Mercedes lagoon or the Vilarello river beach. Moreover, the more than 200 members of the expedition learned more about the famous Spanish artist called La Belle Otero in the Valga History Museum, and visited her statue in Irmáns Dios Mosquera Park. They also toured the singular Artisanal Moving Crib, which is a renowned Galician tourist attraction.


The journey back in time continued in Catoira, where they returned to the time of the Normal invasions as they toured the fort known as Torres de Oeste. From there they continued on to the CACTO centre to learn more about this historic landmark.


The more than 200 participants also discovered the magical waters of the River Ulla as they enjoyed the riverside scenery in the municipal district of Pontecesures. There they also experienced a little piece of history by means of the emblematic Roman bridge that characterises the town.

The 2023 Quetzal Route. Towards the light at the end of the earth was also an excellent opportunity to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Camino de Santiago’s declaration as a World Heritage Route by UNESCO. To mark the occasion, the expedition included a tour of the Costa da Morte and A Coruña, after having travelled from Viana do Castelo to Compostela. In A Coruña, they were also able to learn more about Picasso’s time in the city.


An unforgettable experience that they will never forget… along with Mar de Santiago as the base camp of an expedition that has left its mark on their lives.

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