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Mar de Santiago

Portada » Mar de Santiago promotes active aging and will show the “Traslatio” route to 600 senior citizens in the region

Mar de Santiago promotes active aging and will show the “Traslatio” route to 600 senior citizens in the region

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Mar de Santiago continues with its promotion work among the local population with its commitment to active aging. Thus, 600 senior citizens from the municipal districts of Pontecesures, Valga, Catoira, and Vilanova de Arousa will be able to experience the “Traslatio” route by means of the geo-destination. The trips will take place on 4 days in the months of November and December.

This initiative is one of the geo-destination’s proposals for helping to promote the tourist sector in the area. Moreover, it is aimed at improving senior citizens’ health with activities that promote a healthy lifestyle by means of interesting activities for this age group.

The initiative’s goal is for a total of 600 senior citizens (150 from each municipal district) to enjoy the “Traslatio” route in a catamaran and thereby discover the Mar de Santiago territory. During the trip, they will be able to see the world’s only sea-river Way of the Cross, while exploring the geo-destination’s natural and scenic resources.

This leisure initiative will enable them to experience the Ría de Arousa coastline at the mouth of the Ulla River, featuring a unique sea-river nature site. While sailing along the Atlantic Ocean, they will get a close-up view of the platforms where the renowned Arousa mussels are cultivated, thereafter continuing through areas where they will be able to appreciate heritage sites from a different perspective.

When they reach the municipal district of Catoira, they will be amazed by the uniqueness of the Ulla River estuary and will travel back to Viking times by admiring the remains of what was Compostela’s old fort, known as Torres de Oeste. In Valga, they will discover the geo-destination’s only river beach, Vilarello, where one of the 17 “cruceiros” (stone crosses) making up the “Traslatio” route is located.

Following the course of the Ulla River as far as Pontecesures, they will be delighted by the beautiful riverbank scenery. The trip along the Way of the Cross ends at Pontecesures’ riverside walk, where they can visit the Fito Xacobeo statue.

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