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Mar de Santiago

Portada » Mar de Santiago is just a step away: see the train times and finish off your Camino in our region

Mar de Santiago is just a step away: see the train times and finish off your Camino in our region


Complete your pilgrimage experience by discovering its origin. From Compostela, you can travel by train to Pontecesures and then take a boat to Mar de Santiago,  sailing along the world’s only river-sea Way of the Cross.

Here are the train times so that you do not miss out on anything:


Saturday and Sunday


Saturday and Sunday

From Santiago, you can take a train to Pontecesures. As you can see, there are numerous possibilities of getting here easily and conveniently during the summer months.

Once you reach Pontecesures (after a journey lasting about half an hour), you just have to take a short stroll from the train station to the town’s river port. Here you can take a boat to sail to Mar de Santiago.

What will you discover along the way? 

The boat trip lasts about 90 minutes, enabling you to discover the riverside scenery of Pontecesures, Valga, Catoira and Vilanova de Arousa. You will have the chance to follow in the Apostle’s footsteps, sailing along the world’s only sea-river Way of the Cross. This itinerary, known as the “Traslatio,” was the one used, according to legend, by the Apostle James’ disciples, Athanasius and Theodore, to take his remains to Compostela in a stone boat along the waters of the Ulla River.

In addition to discovering 12 of the Traslatio’s 17 unique stone crosses, you will be able to discover the Ulla’s incredible meanders in Valga, as well as being amazed by the Torres de Oeste, which in the time of the Viking invasions was known as the Fort of Compostela. After crossing the Ulla Estuary from Catoira, you will enter the river mouth at the Ría de Arousa. You will then cross it among traditional mussel platforms, which characterise the scenery, before coming to the ferry terminal in Vilanova de Arousa

Once you arrive here, you can relax, after your long trip along the Camino and visit to Compostela, on this municipal district’s beautiful beaches. Here you will also find exceptional cuisine and culture to round off your pilgrimage experience.

Would you like to enjoy this experience? Organise your own trip to Mar de Santiago!

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