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Mar de Santiago

Portada » Mar de Santiago begins its “Gastronomic August” this weekend with eel and Valga’s eau-de-vie as the star products

Mar de Santiago begins its “Gastronomic August” this weekend with eel and Valga’s eau-de-vie as the star products

Anguila de Valga

Mar de Santiago will begin this weekend one of its best-known gastronomic events. In this case, we are talking about the “Gastronomic August,” which features the 31st Eel and Local Eau-de-Vie Festival that livens up the spirit of Valga.

The link between Galicia and gastronomy is a fact. And although this year, the same as last year, no tastings or open-air dances are allowed, eel and local eau-de-vie will once again be the main attractions for coming to Valga on August 21, 22, 26, 27, 28 and 29.

Eel and eau-de-view for discerning palates

In Valga we have more than enough for eating and drinking. From the River Ulla we can savour eel, an oily fish well worth trying if you visit the locality. Although this delicacy is also served in Valga’s restaurants, at the “Gastronomic August” you can try it the way you prefer: in a pie, fried, in a stew…

Valga’s local eau-de-vie is made in the locality’s different parishes using traditional distillation techniques, which makes this eua-de-vie one of Galicia’s best. Valga’s best distillers come here to hold the local eau-de-vie festival and delight those in attendance with one of the locality’s best products, their distilled spirits.

This year’s “Gastronomic August” will feature competitions, workshops, tastings and culinary demonstrations in order to enjoy one of the Ulla River’s most exquisite fishes, as well as the local eau-de-vie. In addition, participation in the different activities of the “Gastronomic August” is free and features a charity aspect. Those who register are asked to donate a kilo of non-perishable food that will be given to families in need.

A great idea!

This traditional festival also features music and amusement, with Valga’s Municipal Music Band and other leisure activities. Although the festival will be a little different this year, it will undoubtedly feature the fine atmosphere that characterises the eel and local eau-de-vie festival.

Immerse yourself in Valga while savouring its most traditional products

Valga forms part of Mar de Santiago along with the localities of Vilanova de Arousa, Catoira and Pontecesures. The charm of this town lies in its history and in its typically Galician green landscape.

Fervenza de Valga

If you like natural, calm settings where you can unwind, you have to experience Valga for yourself. The waters of the Valga River, a tributary of the Ulla River, flow alongside a wooden walkway that leads to the Raxoi Waterfall and Parafita Waterwheels, which add to the place’s charm along with the murmur of the water. It is a beautiful spot where nature is at its best.

In this regard, Valga also features the Vilarello River Park located in the final section of the Ulla River and featuring unbeatable views. Here you’ll find a children’s playground, picnic area, barbecues and cafeteria. A great option for spending the afternoon in the company of friends, family or even for just connecting with your inner self.

The Mina Mercedes Lagoon covers 3 hectares and is 20 metres deep. It was filled naturally with rainwater and is now an ideal wetland for enjoying a walk surrounded by charming scenery, which produces feelings of peace and quiet. Undoubtedly, a place well worth visiting.

And remember, if you visit Valga’s “Gastronomic August,” don’t forget to explore the locality and delve into its secrets. Visit the surrounding area to make the most of Mar de Santiago and enjoy a unique experience in the other localities that form this destination. Enjoy Valga’s eel, local eau-de-vie and natural surroundings!

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