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Mar de Santiago

Family Tourism

Discover a perfect route for enjoying as a family. Children’s playgrounds, recreational areas surrounded by nature, freshwater and saltwater beaches, and a lot of green spaces so that children can explore, at their own pace and with every facility for their parents, a unique setting in which the Ulla River shows us all of its majesty and grandeur.

As Sinas beach


Vilanova’s beaches

Vilanova de Arousa’s beaches are perfect for visiting as a family due to their calm waters. Both O Terrón and As Sinas, the most important ones in the municipality, have lifeguards and are easily accessed on foot or by car, with numerous services very close to the beach.

Recreation of the Viking longship


Viking longship in Catoira

In the surroundings of Torres de Oeste, right beside the Cultural Activation Centre, there is a replica of a Viking longship that children will love. Moreover, there is usually a boot moored at the jetty right beside the towers, so you should be lucky enough to see this Norman pirate ship that is used every year in the Viking Festival.

parque fluvial valga

Children's park at the ecomuseum


Valga Eco-Museum

The Valga Eco-Museum is made up of five of the municipality’s most important natural habitats. However, if you are travelling with children, the Vilarello river beach is a place you should not miss. In addition to contemplating the beauty of the Ulla River’s wetlands and enjoying a swim, this area is really a large green space with picnic tables, children’s playground, bar and a large carpark, which includes a service area for camping vehicles.

Children's area in Pontecesures


Pontecesures children’s area

In the area of Pontevedra’s river port, right beside the “mercado de abastos” (food market) and the “Casa da Lamprea” (Lamprey House), a children’s playground was opened recently that children will love. It was built with wood and features a chute, swings, ropes and playground where you spend an afternoon of fun after travelling along the Mar de Santiago sea-river route.