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Mar de Santiago

Illa de Castrivello and “Cruceiro” (Stone Cross)

  • Illa do Rato y cruceiro
  • Illa do Rato y cruceiro

Ponte de Catoira 36612 Catoira, Pontevedra

GPS coordinates

Longitude: 42.678992722424496

Latitude: -8.726321264829549

Known as Illa do Rato or Ínsua dos Ratos, it is really a small rocky islet in the midst of the Ulla River, opposite the Catoira wetland and very close to Catoira bridge and the towers called “Torres de Oeste.” A “cruceiro” (stone cross) was erected on top of one of its rocks in the 1960s. It forms part of the Way of the Cross that was set up to commemorate the arrival of the Apostle James’ body.

It features a small figure of St. James, halfway up the shaft and looking towards the river, as well four crosses of St. James on the capital. Crowning the top is a crucified Christ and a figure of Our Lady on the other side.



Paseo Xelmírez 2, Catoira (Pontevedra)