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Mar de Santiago

Portada » Enjoy Valentine’s Day in Mar de Santiago and experience an unforgettable romantic getaway

Enjoy Valentine’s Day in Mar de Santiago and experience an unforgettable romantic getaway

This Valentine’s Day, enjoy the magic of Mar de Santiago, a geo-destination made up of the municipalities of Vilanova de Arousa, Catoira, Valga, and Pontecesures. Discover how every corner of this wonderful place can become the perfect setting to celebrate love as a couple on this day that is fast approaching. We’ll help you organise your getaway!

Vilanova de Arousa, your stop on the coast

In Vilanova de Arousa, you can stroll along its best-known beaches such as As Sinas, where, while admiring its blue waters, the sound of the sea provides a perfect soundtrack. In addition, if you and your partner are into routes featuring the most famous benches in Galicia, you can’t miss the “Presume de Vilanova” to frame this enclave in your memories. It is located by crossing the footbridge of O Terrón, where, in addition, you will also find the beach with the same name.

Catoira, history and fortress

Catoira, with its famous and historic Torre de Oeste, invites you to explore its fortress. This Valentine’s Day, fall in love with this Viking village by visiting its rich history and heritage. In addition, in Catoira you can walk around the Pedras Miúdas lagoon, a beautiful enclave that, although it was previously a quarry, due to the accumulation of water became a Natural Area of Local Interest.

Valga, nature and tranquillity as a couple

Valga, a haven of serenity, offers the perfect opportunity to connect with your loved one. Go to the Mirador de Beiro viewpoing; this area of pine forest has picnic areas and an old double-bladed windmill. It is a perfect place to connect with nature and your partner. In addition, from there, you can visit another viewpoint that is about 5 minutes away, called the Perdiz. Its iron structure is heart-shaped and at the top we can read “Quérote” (“I love you” in Galician). What better day to visit than Valentine’s Day?

Pontecesures, charm on the banks of the Ulla River

The banks of the river Ulla in Pontecesures create a romantic and tranquil atmosphere. Stroll across the Roman bridge and enjoy the view of the river, capturing special moments with your partner. And, if you are a lamprey lover, you can’t miss the interpretation centre located on the banks of the river, in the Plaza de Abastos (Food Market). Stroll through this municipality and discover its spots full of history and charm.

In Mar de Santiago, beauty, history and culture are present in every corner to create a perfect setting to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day. Discover the magic of Vilanova de Arousa, Catoira, Valga, and Pontecesures and let Mar de Santiago be a witness to your love this Valentine’s Day.

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