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Mar de Santiago

Portada » Discover everything that Mar de Santiago has to offer at its stand at the 2nd Canned Food Festival of Vilanova

Discover everything that Mar de Santiago has to offer at its stand at the 2nd Canned Food Festival of Vilanova

Feira da Conserva de Vilanova

Mar de Santiago continues with its most festive August yet with its food festivals. In this case, we’re speaking about its participation in the 2nd Canned Food Festival of Vilanova de Arousa, which will be held from tomorrow to Sunday.

This festival is the only one devoted to canned food in all Galicia, being a traditional sector in the Rías Baixas area.A total of 27 stands will be set up this weekend in the locality, of which 26 belong to Galician canned food producers, who will feature their most innovative ideas and products. And the other stand, that of Mar de Santiago, will promote all of their charm.

Mar de Santiago’s initiatives at the festival

In relation to the 27 stands that will be set up in the locality this weekend, one of them belongs to Mar de Santiago. Come and visit our stand to find out about at the tourist options in the 4 municipalities that make up Mar de Santiago.

Vilanova de Arousa, Catoira, Valga and Pontecesures are 4 Galician municipal districts in the Pontevedra province featuring history and scenery, which are perfect for food tourism, beaches and  outdoor activities. Mar de Santiago has something to offer everyone.

If you want to visit the Faro das Lúas Viewpoint in Vilanova, be overwhelmed by the fort called Torres do Oeste in Catoira, visit the Roman Bridge in Pontecesures or go for endless strolls in the surroundings of the Raxoi Waterfall in Valga, make the most of our stand to obtain information about all of these destinations. You won’t regret finding out about everything you can do and see in our region.

You’ll be surprised by our incredible tourist attractions!

Innovation with gastro, competitions, activities and music

In addition to displaying products, the Canned Food Festival of Vilanova offers new features. These include two competitions, something that we missed in last year’s event. Although this is only the festival’s second year, the goal is to become a consolidated, landmark event throughout Galicia.

Two prizes will be awarded to outstanding companies. On the one hand, for the best stand and, on the other hand, for the most innovative commercial product.

In addition, in order to experience new sensations with product tastings, we will have the perfect thing for accompanying our canned food. There will be 4 wineries specialising in the Designation of Origin “Rías Baixas, which will remind us of the traditional Albariño Wine Festival that could not feature this year the exhibition section with the wineries’ stands.

During the three days of the food festival, there will be a wide range of activities. The main feature will be the 6 Cooking Shows that are programmed throughout the weekend. In the House Museum of Valle-Inclán in Vilanova, 20 persons can register to participate in a cooking show featuring renowned chefs such as Rui Ribeiro, Miguel Mosteiro or the Michelin-Starred Yayo Daporta.

There will also be music this weekend in Vilanova, including Friday’s vermouth session, with Nolo & Richo, featuring concerts in the three evenings: Jorge Menéndez, M80 and Roi Casal, who composed the soundtrack for Mar de Santiago. And, naturally, there will children’s events, including a Science Workshop to become better acquainted with Galicia’s food products.

The event will also feature the presence of the Spanish explorer and entrepreneur Álvaro de Marichalar Sáenz de Tejada, who will give a talk on his current solo sea trip around the world. Don’t miss it at 12 noon in the Estación Marítima “Mar de Santiago”.

Consult the entire programme

If you don’t want to miss anything, have a look at the entire programme of the only Canned Food Festival in Galicia. Come and discover the great atmosphere and fine food that will characterise Vilanova de Arousa this weekend.

Come and bid farewell to this different August, and try the most innovative Galician canned food along with Mar de Santiago. We’ll be waiting for you!

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