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Mar de Santiago

Portada » A Perfect plan for Easter in Mar de Santiago

A Perfect plan for Easter in Mar de Santiago

We are coming up to one of the most longed-for months of the year: April is almost here! But do not worry if you have yet to decide what to do. In our geo-destination, we have the prefect plan for Easter in Mar de Santiago.

On board to discover the origin of the pilgrimages

Would you like to do the Camino de Santiago this Easter? We would like to suggest one of the most picturesque sections on the way to Compostela: the Alternative Spiritual Route of the Portuguese Way and its most special section: sailing along the Traslatio route!

Visit Vilanova de Arousa and enjoy strolling along its Promenade or visiting the area of restaurants and cafés just across the street. Your boat, which departs from Mar de Santiago Port, will take you on an itinerary featuring 12 of the 17 stone crosses that mark places that you can only discover by boat.

But do not worry if you are coming from Santiago! You can enjoy the route the other way around, departing from Pontecesures’ river port, with Vilanova de Arousa as the final destination.

Along the route, you will contemplate natural surroundings and rich cultural heritage. The emblematic fort called Torres de Oeste in Catoira, the Vilarello River Beach in Valga, the Roman Bridge in Pontecesures, and a lot more! At the end of the trip, you will be at the beginning of the Portuguese Way’s last section, just 25 km from Santiago de Compostela.

Download the map and guide of Mar de Santiago so as not to miss any details of the route. On request, you can go on the trip with any of the four shipping companies that operate in our geo-destination. Get in touch and plan your Easter holidays!

Mar de Santiago, step by step

Although the best way to enjoy the view of Mar de Santiago is from on board, our geo-destination features countless surprising places that you should not miss.

Visit Vilanova de Arousa and explore its fantastic beaches. This municipal district has a long tradition of mussel production, so do not leave without savouring “Mexillón de Galicia” (Galician mussels) in its wide range of restaurants. But do not forget to enhance your gastronomic experience with a fine Rías Baixas wine.

In Mar de Santiago we know that you are familiar with Catoira’s Viking Festival. However, this small municipal district has a lot more to offer! It is the only Galician municipal district that features three types of traditional mills: wind, tidal, and river. Come and discover their history!

Stroll along the walkway from Catoira to Valga. You will be amazed by the flora and fauna, which form part of the SCI Ulla-Deza River System. Round off your experience by visiting Pontecesures, but hurry up! We do not want you to miss the best sunsets from the spectacular O Galiñeiro viewpoint.

The scenery featuring the Ría de Arousa coast and the River Ulla will move you to explore our geo-destination from all angles. Are you ready to discover Mar de Santiago at Easter?

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