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Mar de Santiago

Portada » 5 active tourist plans not to be missed in Mar de Santiago

5 active tourist plans not to be missed in Mar de Santiago


If you’re into active tourism, Mar de Santiago is the perfect geo-destination to satisfy your thirst for adventure. We have incredible natural surroundings that are ideal for practicing sports, as well as places where you can enjoy other activities. This post explains 5 not-to-be-missed plans in Pontecesures, Valga, Catoira, and Vilanova de Arousa.


In the case of trekking fans, one of the routes that you can’t overlook, due to its unique surroundings and history, is the As Telleiras walk, in Catoira. You can round off this activity in the riverbank setting of the Torres de Oeste fort. You’ll be amazed by the beautiful wetlands, featuring views of the singular Ulla River estuary, while discovering the remains of the so-called Fort of Compostela.

As Telleiras walk, in Catoira

Another must in our geo-destination is the route featuring the waterfalls and waterwheels of Parafita and Raxoi, in Valga. This walk will take you along a narrow, rugged canyon through which the river flows, forming beautiful waterfalls that you can explore thanks to wooden walkways and bridges.

Route featuring the waterfalls and waterwheels of Parafita and Raxoi, in Valga

Portuguese Way of St. James

And something that can’t be missed in active tourism is completing one of the stages of the Portuguese Way of St. James that passes through Mar de Santiago. A walk that will take you into beautiful natural surroundings featuring small traditional villages, such as San Xulián, in Pontecesures. You can stop at the foot of the church to enjoy a refreshing drink from its fountain or have a snack beside its traditional washing place.

Traditional washing place in San Xulián, in Pontecesures, along the Portuguese Way.

Mountain Bike Route

If you prefer cycling, Vilanova de Arousa features the PR G 126 route (suitable for mountain bike fans) that links the Faro das Lúas and Monte Lobeira viewpoints. The route, which begins at the parish church of András, will enable you to enjoy beautiful natural surroundings.

Mountain Bike Route by he PR G 126 route, in Vilanova de Arousa

As you near the top, you’ll see that it’s well worth the effort since you’ll be able to enjoy striking view of the Ría de Arousa coastline.

Views from the Monte Lobeira Viewpoint, in Vilanova de Arousa

Water activities

Water is a constant feature of Mar de Santiago. That’s why one of the plans you can enjoy in our geo-destination is kayaking along the Ulla River. There are several companies that organise the “Traslatio” itinerary that you can complete by rowing.

Young people kayaking in Pontecesures

However, if you want to relax while enjoying Mar de Santiago’s water, the best option is a boat trip with the Traslatio route. This proposal will take you along the world’s only sea-river Way of the Cross.

Views during the Traslatio route through Mar de Santiago

Karting circuit

And for motor sports fans, Mar de Santiago features a great plan: the karting circuit in Valga. You can combine this activity with visits to different places in our geo­-destination.

Karting circuit in Valga. Photo: Kartódromo de Valga

Do you feel like enjoying some adventure in Mar de Santiago? We’re waiting for you!

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